What a driving difference..

Since 2004 I had been driving into Silicon Valley. The meca of technology. I had to cross two main arteries freeways to get there. Fortunately I was able to avoid most of by taking public transportation even if it meant leaving the house earlier and getting home later.

One of my pet peeves was how people seemed to not know how to drive. I could never figure out how this could be. After awhile, I notice a pattern of stupid drivers. It seemed that 90% of the drivers I saw who were in accidents were of Indo-Asain.

Ok, that would make sense since many of the silicon valley tech workers are of Indo-Asian. First off, in California, the drivers handbook is printed in many languages, yet the freeway signs and postings are in english.. Go figure.

As of this past November I am no longer commuting into Silicon Valley. I am actually commuting west and crossing over one of our bay bridges and then north past Facebook and there yet to be completed MASSIVE new campus..

So far I have NOT experience the kind of drivers I faced driving south. In fact, I have not come upon ANY crackerjax drivers yet.. knock on wood..



Better view of Facebook on 1Hacker Way.. Funny how i never noticed the address before

Through Glass

Facebook Through Glass

Through Glass

Through Glass

The dreaded Toll bridge..